Wild Fox Rescue From Cage Avmgames

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Wild Fox Rescue From Cage  Avmgames

Wild Fox Rescue From Cage is another point and click escape game. You're supposed to be inside the office doing some touch ups on your work. But your boss thinks you need to see some sun. So he gives you a few days off to bask in the sun and come back a little brighter. You're very quiet your boss even forgets about you at times. But instead of letting you go, he wants to know if a short break will do. So you follow your boss' advise. You head for the forest alone. You're following what you learned in Hansel and Gretel. Yet you're using ribbons with arrows on them. It'll tell you which way to go later. You keep on going deeper into the forest confident that you have directions later. Then you see a caged wild fox. You can't just come up to the fox and free it. It's just like setting your enemy free so he can attack you. You assess the fox and it seems alright. However, you still can't open the cage easily. Good luck and have fun!
Use mouse to play


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