Santa Rescue From Snow Hut avmgames

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Santa Rescue From Snow Hut avmgames

Santa Rescue From Snow Hut is the latest point and click escape game created by The song says that Santa is coming to town. So, you waited for him the entire night but he never came. He never did this so you thought that there is something wrong. This event got you thinking so you went to North Pole to check him out. When you landed, you saw no one but his reindeers. Santa and his reindeers usually roll together so this confirms that something is really wrong. After few minutes of looking for Santa, you finally saw him. Unfortunately, he is not in a good condition. He is on a trap and you have to help him out. Many children are waiting for him so you have to be quick. Thankfully, there are objects around the place that you can use for your rescue operation. Not only that, there also clues that you can see along the way. Good luck and have fun!!!
Use mouse to play


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