Gold And Diamond Treasure Escape Avmgames

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Gold And Diamond Treasure Escape Avmgames

Gold And Diamond Treasure Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Avm Games. Assume you live in a small town next to the ocean. One day after the school you set out with your friends to play treasure search in a deserted fishing house on the shore. You were fumbling amongst the old furnitures of the building when suddenly you glanced a lid which opened must have led somewhere. You opened it and found a box laying on the bottom of the basement. You grabed it and lifted it up. You were amazed when you opened it beacuse it revealed a fortune. But in the meanime you heared a door slamed. When you were about to leave the place you found this door locked. Find hidden objects and solve puzzles to get out. Good luck and have fun!
Use mouse to play


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