Escape Tribe Girl avmgames

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Escape Tribe Girl avmgames

Escape Tribe Girl is another point and click escape game developed by Avm Games. A new glamping ground opened at the edge of the forest. You had always wanted to try one yet there wasn't any available near your place. Just a week ago, a foreign investor opened a glamping ground. This made the people get all hyped up. You were one of them. Yet you still have some work waiting to be finished. You made sure to finish all of them before the week ended. You felt like the weekend was the right time to fulfill your dream. So you looked them up on the internet. However, there was no website of them. If you wanted to book a tent, you needed to really go to the place. It seemed like you had no other choice but to go there. You wanted to have a spot there so you brought your camping stuffs with you. A lot of cars lined up on the area. You looked at the drivers but they all seemed to be empty. So you walked towards the entrance to make your inquiry. The staff there was very helpful and he led you to your spot instantly. He left without saying anything. Then you heard a faint tribe cry from a girl inside the forest. You didn't feel good about her cry. And you went out to save her. Good luck and have fun!
Use mouse to play


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