Christmas Penguin Rescue Avm

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Christmas Penguin Rescue Avm

Christmas Penguin Rescue is the latest point and click escape game created by Penguins are so cute and it is your dream to see one in real life. Because of this, you went to the South Pole just to see those lovely penguins. You expect them to greet you when you landed but the scene disappoints you. There nothing in the place but plain snow and ice. That seems impossible because this is their natural habitat. You felt something fishy so you toured around to find the penguins. After few minutes of walking, you saw finally saw the penguins but they are on a cage. They all look afraid. Some hunters might be the one who did this. These penguins become the main attraction in amusement parks nowadays. You have to find a way to help these penguins to escape as soon as possible. Since you don't have the key that you need to open the cage, you have to gather items around the place that can help you out. Good luck and have fun!
Use mouse to play


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